Thursday, October 10, 2013

Recipe - Cinnamon Apple Crostata

Tis the season for apple picking!  My family and I recently went apple picking and note to self: pay attention to how many apples the kids are putting into your basket!  Yikes - now what can I do with 25 pounds of apples?  

The first recipe that came to my mind...Apple Crostata.  I have been making this extremely easy and delicious recipe for years.  It's a very rustic looking pie but what it lacks in aesthetics in delivers in flavor!  

I found this recipe on the Pillsbury site about 8 years ago...and it doesn't require any speciality ingredients.  I always have boxed pie crust in my fridge for those random recipes like hand pies, quiches, desserts or pie!  And the rest of the ingredients are staples in my kitchen.  Top this will vanilla ice cream or whipped cream...MMMMMM.  Try this one out at your next dinner party...Enjoy!

Cinnamon Apple Crostata



box Pillsbury® refrigerated pie crusts, softened as directed on box


cup sugar
teaspoons cornstarch
teaspoons ground cinnamon
cups thinly sliced, peeled cooking apples (4 medium)
teaspoon sugar
tablespoons chopped pecans or walnuts


Whipped cream, if desired


  1. Heat oven to 450°F. Remove pie crust from pouch; place flat on parchment paper lined - ungreased cookie sheet.  (NOTE: without the parchment paper, the crostata will stick to the cookie sheet and yield a dessert that you cannot move or place on a serving platter)
  2. In medium bowl, mix 1/2 cup sugar, the cornstarch and cinnamon. Gently stir in apples. Spoon apple mixture onto center of crust, spreading to within 2 inches of edge. Fold crust edge over filling to form 2-inch border, pleating crust as necessary. Brush crust edge with water; sprinkle with 1 teaspoon sugar.
  3. Bake 15 minutes or until crust is golden brown. Sprinkle pecans over apple mixture. Bake 5 to 15 minutes longer or until apples are tender. Serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream (my favorite).