Monday, February 25, 2013

February 2013 Burchbox vs. Ipsy

This month's beauty subscriptions are in and now it's time to compare these 2 subscriptions for the month of February - Birchbox vs. Ipsy!!

Both beauty subscriptions had the same theme of "Red Carpet Ready" but which box was better?

Now I like that Ipsy's bag was much more "cohesive" in the sense that all the products could be used to create a sultry, smokey eye which is definitely red carpet appropriate.  Whereas Birchbox really didn't have that "cohesive" quality other than the fact that their products can be used to help create a "HD-ready" look.  I also like that Ipsy has a cute cosmetic/makeup bag each month - even though I won't need them all, it adds to the value of your monthly subscription.

The value of each box is a guesstimate but the approximate value of Feb 2013 Birchbox is ~$18.34 while the Feb 2013 Ipsy bag is ~$63.36.

The winner is:
 -For value: Ipsy
 -For content: Ipsy

Overall winner:  IPSY
Feb '13 Birchbox on top
Ipsy on bottom
Comparing nail polish "sample" sizes from Birchbox (left) and Ipsy (right)
Birchbox is half the size of the Ipsy sample (from Jan '13 bag)
Another example of size comparison
Face Primer samples:  Ipsy sample (L), Birchbox sample (R)
But check out the amount you get?
Ipsy sample (L) is double the size of the Birchbox sample (R)
I have to be honest with you, this will be the first and only time that I will be comparing the two subscriptions as I will be canceling my Birchbox subscription.  I have been less and less impressed with my samples in the past 6 months or so even though I like the companies that BB has partnered with.  But the samples/sizes have been less than impressive considering that you can get many of these samples from cosmetic counters or from retailers like Sephora/Ulta/Macy's, etc.  It's quite annoying to me to receive foil packets and tiny perfume samples that I can easily get for free at a department store or Sephora.  These are supposed to be deluxe beauty subscriptions and therefore I expect deluxe size samples or at least 2-3 perfume viles (of each sample) in each box instead of just one.  Maybe I just have too high of expectations for these subscriptions but for the time being, I've decided to cancel my Birchbox subscription and we'll give Ipsy a try for a while.  What are you thoughts on these beauty subscriptions?