Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quick Tip - Mickey Mouse themed party

My youngest just turned 2 over the weekend and since his favorite show right now is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we decided to have a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party.  I found a lot of great ideas on various sites and blogs, so here is what I came up with:

A cute sturdy cardboard MM cupcake stand I purchased on Amazon for under $10
(the stand also came with the cupcake liners and Mickey toppers)
I used both reg size Oreo's and mini Oreo's and "glued" them together with melted chocolate.  How cute!
I made sugar cookies using a MM cookie cutter, frosted with chocolate and vanilla frosting (on the left).  On the right - I took mini Oreo's and reg size Oreo's and "glued" them together with melted chocolate.  How cute!!
The birthday boy with his Mickey Mouse hoodie on.
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday banner that stands 6 feet tall!  
Chocolate Oreo Mickey's in cute cupcake stands.  Cupcakes in the background.
The birthday boy loving his balloon bouquet!
This is one of my favorites - personalized chocolate bar that I purchased from
How cute is this with the Disney font and my little man's picture on it?

The party was a success and my little man had a blast!  I forgot to take pictures of some of the food served but I found "whole grain" Mickey Mouse shaped chicken nuggets at Costco.  I also made Pigs in a Blanket and labeled them "Hot Diggity Dogs".  You can even use your MM cookie cutter and have Mickey shaped fruit and cheese.  There are so many Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ideas...but in any case, Happy 2nd Birthday to my lil monkey Jai!!