Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review - NARS Mekong Single Eyeshadow

I mentioned this eyeshadow in my favorites post last month...I absolutely love this eyeshadow.  Nars Mekong is a dark, deep "espresso" brown color with slight (micro) gold glitter in it.  I must note that the glitter doesn't really translate on your lid unless you use it wet - then you might see a little sparkle to it but otherwise, it's a dark brownish-black color.  
I really prefer using this shadow as my liner on my top and bottom lashes.  I'm horrible at using a liquid liner on my top lid and my black gel liner has dried up so I have been reaching for this everyday as my liner.  It's a great alternative to black which can be a harsh color (especially as you get older) - this dark brown shadow gives the same definition but with softer edge.  I love how this shadow gives my eyes a defined lash line and by using a small pencil brush (like my Sigma E30) or my Essence of Beauty small pencil brush to smudge the shadow, I can smoke out the line and enhance the look. I have also used this shade in my outer corner ("V") and smudged it when I have a pale shadow on my lid.  This is the perfect multipurpose product to use when you don't want to use too many products.  

I purchased this e/s at Sephora for $24.00 - and I must admit that this is a lot to pay for a single eyeshadow but the quality and color payoff are amazing and so worth the money.  Not to mention that the way that I use this shadow, it will last me forever!  I'm actually intrigued by Nars eyeshadows and may consider buying other shades in the near future.  If you don't have a steady hand for liquid or gel liners, using an eyeshadow is a great alternative for a liner but has the added benefit of creating a soft line and not a harsh line like liquid or gel liners do.  Give this shadow a try!

Nars Mekong - dry swatch, you can barely see the glitter here
Nars Mekong - dry swatch, dark brown-black shadow with no glitter visible in this swatch