Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beauty - My Favorite Eye Brushes

Every makeup artist knows that you are only as good as the tools you use!  And of course we love the way our face looks after we get a makeover done at our favorite makeup counter.  We buy the products that were used during the makeover, come home and attempt to re-do the same look the MUA did on our face but why doesn't it look as flawless and blended as it did when you had it done by the MUA???  It's all in the tools - the brushes that is!

That's right, using the right brushes will give you a flawless, blended and professional look - like you just had a professional makeover done.  But you don't need to spend a lot of money to get great professional brushes.  You can get great brushes ranging in price from both the "lower end" brands as well as high end makeup brands.  

Here are my favorite makeup brushes for EYES:

FYI - I am not sponsored by Sigma brushes but I do have an affiliate link on my pages, which means if you click and purchase any brushes via my link, I will receive a commission from your purchase.  However, I would NOT mention any products that I do not love to use and would not mislead you in order to make any money.  Having said that, I do love their brushes!  I have purchased both their Premium Professional kit as well as their Essential Kit, and a couple of their Sigmax precision face brushes (F82/F84).  These brushes, in my opinion, are comparable to MAC brushes but are a fraction of the prices of the MAC brushes.  Why spend a lot of money when you can find great (or even comparable) brushes for a fraction of the cost?? 

For brows, I really love using the MAC 208 brush.  I have tried out many different brushes but I always end up reaching for this brush.  The brush head is very small and angled which gives me good control in my application with precision.  The bristles are quite dense so you get a very precise line/arch, but natural looking brow shape.  This is the one brush that I can't live without!  I've tried many other brushes but none compare to the results that I get with this brush.

For base shadow application -  I don't have the MAC 239 but I hear from everyone that this is an awesome "lay down" brush for applying color on your lids.  I like using my ELF Eyeshadow C brush or my Sigma E55 brush (which is the equivalent to the MAC 239).  The bristles on these brushes are somewhat dense so that they can pick up the right amount of color and lay it down on the lid with the same amount of intensity - a must have for eyeshadow application.  One day I will purchase the MAC 239 but at this time, I feel like I have some great "lay down" brushes that I'm pretty satisfied with.

For blending, I love the MAC 217 and the Sigma Tapered Blending Brush E25- these fluffy blending brushes blend out harsh edges like no other brush can do.  The bristles are tapered and have the perfect amount of density to both apply color to the lid and blend out the edges to give that "professionally blended out" appearance.  Another must have brush for perfecting your smokey eye look!  I also like the MAC 224 and Sigma E35 for blending but I find that I have been using this brush more for blending out my under eye concealer rather than e/s blending - hey, gotta love multi-purpose tools!  I also like the MAC 226 and Sigma E45 for a precise line in my crease - great for achieving a cut crease look.

To apply both gel liner and shadow liner (a.k.a. eyeshadow), I like using my Sigma E65 for this.  The bristles are soft but dense enough to get you a sharp, precise line - essential for that perfect cat eye.  The head is angled which also helps you to achieve that perfect winged out liner look.  I also like using the smallest of the two pencil brushes from the Essence of Beauty set (one pencil brush and a smaller pencil brush) that I purchased from CVS.  This brush is small enough to allow me to line my upper lash line with shadow but also gives me that smoked out look that I love.  I also like the Sigma E05 as well as the Sonia Kashuk bent liner brush for very precise gel liner application.

Stay tuned for my favorite face brushes...

Sigma E55, ELF "C" e/s brush, Sigma E45, MAC 226, MAC 217, Sigma E25, MAC 208, Sigma E65, Sigma E05, Sigma E35, Sonia Kashuk blending brush 
Essence of Beauty Crease Duo Set from CVS