Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Product Review - Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating Powder

What is up with all the hype about the Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating Perles?  What do these colorful balls do to your face that is so amazing that women are paying $58 for this product?  Well for me, this little tin brings back so many "makeup" memories for me from my childhood.  I can't remember if my mom owned one of these tins of magic balls or if it was someone close to me that owned this product but I remember the little colorful balls, the fragrant lavender scent that emanated from the package....this is such a nostalgic product for me.  I have been eyeing this product for such a long time but really didn't give into buying it until one day I decided that I wanted to find out for myself what all the hype for the product was all about and why I was so drawn to this product.  It wasn't until I received this product and I opened it up when all of the memories came flowing back to me. 

There are three "Harmonies" - Teint Rose 01, Teint Beige 02, Teint Dore 03.  Each color harmony is comprised of six different shades that are adapted to each skin tone.  The theory is that each illuminating pearl has a very distinct property to it.  For example - Corrective pastel colors are used to even out skin tone. Green diminishes the excessive pink hue in fair skin; pink adds a healthy glow to a dull complexion; blue takes the yellow tone out of tired skin; mauve reflects light and adds brightness to shadowed areas in all complexions. “Intelligent” unifying colors that adapt to each different skin tone. Light-enhancing translucent colors that capture and reflect light, to sculpt the face." 

Whatever their roles are, they sure do work wonders on my face.  At first glance, they don't really do anything special - you can't notice any difference with this product on.  However, when I look at my skin in natural lighting, this powder makes my skin look radiant in such a subtle way.  The illuminating effect can be seen ever-so-gently without making my face look like a glitter bomb.  I like to set my foundation with this illuminating powder using a large fluffy powder brush (like the Sigma F30).  This product highlights in all the right places, eliminating the need for an additional highlighter (but you can use one if you want the additional highlighting).  I also like to use this powder as a final setting/finishing powder - it's simply amazing as a final step in your makeup routine.

I would definitely recommend this product.  It is a pricey splurge but this product will last you a long time since you really don't use a lot of this product to set your foundation or to highlight with.  The metal tin is quite sturdy and looks so elegant and almost retro-chic.  I love leaving this on my vanity as opposed to hiding it in my storage unit with the rest of my makeup.  Go ahead and splurge on yourself - you deserve to feel and look like a million bucks!