Monday, April 16, 2012

Shoes, Shoes, and more Shoes!!

If your husband is anything like mine, then he would annoyingly and constantly ask why we need a dozen pairs of black shoes when they all look the same?  But do they?  Of course not, we all know that they have different heel sizes, platform sizes, patent, matte, suede, straps, no straps, peep toe, closed toe, open toe...well, you get the point (but why doesn't he?)!  Anywho...we have all of these shoes which means that we are spending a lot of money on these shoes.  And I will be the first to admit that sometimes, a classic, timeless shoe is worth a lot of money and I'll spend my money on an investment shoe like that.  However, shoes that are super trendy and won't last more than a season or two, well I just don't like to spend too much money on these non-investment pieces.  Basically my rule is this: for trendy shoes - I will pay no more than $40!  And I have found a couple of these monthly subscription shoe sites as well as other sites that offer all types of shoes - mostly trendy but some classic - for a fraction of the price that you would pay at the department stores.

The first site that I have subscribed to is  This site is Kim Kardashian's site and it is free to join, but the agreement is that each month, their stylists will choose shoes, handbags and jewelry to match your "style profile" based on a questionnaire you filled out when you joined.  You have the first 5 days of each month to decide whether or not you want to purchase one of their choices for you or you can ask for alternative choices or skip your selection for that month.  You do have to give your credit card number upon joining this site.  In doing this, if you don't make a selection within the first 5 days of the month, they will automatically charge your credit card, however you will have a "credit" in your account which will allow you to pick a pair of shoes/handbag/jewelry whenever you like and not get charged again for it since you already paid for it.

UPDATE (April 2012) - As of now, there is NO monthly subscription fee to pay!!!  That's right, I guess enough people suggested that they do away with the monthly fee and just allow consumers to receive their monthly choices and allow the consumer to decide whether or not they would like to purchase anything.  So the deal is, it's still free to join; you will still get your monthly selections in your showroom; but now you don't have the first 5 days of the month to decide whether or not you would like to purchase anything and your credit card won't get charged if you forget to "skip" your selections for the month.  I love that ShoeDazzle listened to their consumers voices and suggestions and made this change - now only if JustFab would do the same!! 

The shoes are good quality and for the most part (and I'm speaking for myself here) but they didn't take long to break into them unlike cheaper brands or quality shoes would take forever to break them in.  I love that they have all different shoe types as well as heel heights based on your preferences.  The shipping is fast and the best part is that if you don't like the shoe when you get it or it doesn't fit right, you can send it back for free!  I love all of the trendy styles that I can choose from - and they also have great handbags and jewelery sets too.  I would highly recommend you check out this site if you are interested in wearing some of the most trendy and adorable shoes this season!

The other site that I have joined is - which is another monthly subscription site by Kimora Lee Simmons.  However, unlike ShoeDazzle, you do have to make a selection within the first 5 days of the month or they will charge your credit card $39.95 (which can be used towards a future pair or shoes, handbag or jewelery).  The shoes on this site are similar to those on ShoeDazzle...another option for less than $40 a pair of shoes.  Although now that ShoeDazzle has a better monthly subscription deal - I may have to cancel this subscription.  We'll just have to see about this one...

I also love finding shoes on  This site has shoes from high-end to lower-end (or less heard of brands) for a fraction of the retail price.  I use my same rule of thumb here as above - if I can find a great pair of shoes for less than $40 then I'll consider purchasing them.  I have so far been very pleased will all of the shoes that I have purchased off of

Here are a few pairs of shoes that I purchased from either ShoeDazzle, JustFab or Hautelook:

Gorgeous pumps from

Black/Brown Gladiators from
Gorgeous purple pumps with lime green heels from
Boots from
Pumps from
Wedges from
Red Peeptoe Pumps from JustFab
Love these summer wedges from