Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to Encourage Picky Eaters to EAT!

Even though I have adventurous eaters, I do have toddlers after all and we do have our moments of "picky eating"...but I get them to try something new by reminding them of the story of "Sam I Am".  I have read and re-read the story Sam I Am by Dr. Seuss for many years now...and the moral of the story is that you should give something a try before writing it off - you never know how good it tastes until you try something.  So when my kids say that they don't want to eat something, I just say "Come on Sam I Am - you should try it, you may like it!"  Saying this reminds them of the story and they take one bite and if they don't like it, no problem - they don't have to eat it.  At least I got them to try it.  And if they like it, even better.  On a side note, if they didn't like whatever they tried - don't give up on that item just yet.  Keep on trying - toddlers are finicky eaters and one day they make like something, and the next day they don't.  So keep on offering that same food they rejected week after week, who knows - they may end up liking it after all. 

So the next time your picky eater doesn't want to try the meal that you made - just tell him to be Sam I am and give something a chance!  Give this method a try and see if your toddler tries something new!  Enjoy...