Friday, March 30, 2012

Hautelook Mini Haul - NYX Lip Products

I love a great deal - especially when it comes to makeup since I spend so much on it anyway (well I try not to but sometimes I don't have the willpower to resist the temptation and know the rest of this story!  Well, recently NYX Cosmetics was on Hautelook and so of course I decided to take the plunge and purchase a couple of sets to try out at up to 40% off their retail prices.  Normally, I would wait until there is one of those buy one get one 50% off sales on NYX products at Ulta but then I get lazy and I don't make it to my local Ulta and then I lose my chance to pick up some NYX products (for that time anyway).  Anywho, my point is that NYX Cosmetics are a great value makeup line!  I have some of their eye shadow singles, jumbo eye pencils, lipsticks, lipglosses and eyeliners and I have to say that I am not at all disappointed with the quality of these products.  They have great pigmentation and color payoff.  The eyeliners are very soft and creamy and super pigmented.  These are a great and inexpensive alternative to the higher end makeup lines for those of you who want good quality makeup without having to pay a high price for them.  The lipsticks are super creamy and pigmented.  They feel very moisturizing on the lips and last for at least 4 hours (on me at least).  I love that they have a great range of colors in both matte and shimmery shades.  Honestly, almost their entire makeup line is quite impressive and comparable to some of the higher end makeup brands.

I picked up the "Nude Pinks" Lip Set which had 4 lipsticks, a Jumbo Lip Pencil and a Lip Liner.  The shades are beautiful and rich in color.  The color names are Echo (LSS 510), Summer Love (LSS 617), Lala (LSS 612) and Iced Honey (LSS 556).  The Jumbo Lip Pencil is a gorgeous light shimmery pink color in Iris (728) and the Lip Liner is 858 Nude Pink.  So far I'm really pleased with the texture of these lip products as well as the color pigmentation.  I will have to wear them to see how long they last on my lips but if they are anything like my other NYX lipsticks, they have a decent wearing time.  I'm most excited about the jumbo lip pencil and the lipstick in Lala.  I can't wait to try these out. 

Echo (LSS 510), Summer Love (LSS 617), Lala (LSS 612), Iced Honey (LSS 556), Iris (728), 858 Nude Pink.

I also picked up the Mega Shine Lip Gloss Set which has 6 shades of nude pinks as well.  These six colors are Salsa (LG 145), Natural (LG 122), Sweet Heart (LG104), Miami Babe (LG 141A), Beige (LG 129) and Golden Pink (LG 131).  Three of these shades are matte - Beige, Natural and Miami Babe; while the other three are shimmery - Golden Pink, Sweet Heart and Salsa.  They are richly pigmented and have a nice scent - they kind of remind me of bubble gum (kind of nostalgic bubble gum smelling).  Anyway, they are a little bit on the sticky side but I'm not at all bothered by the long as they are pigmented, I am OK with it.  The color range of these Mega Shine Lip Glosses are great with colors ranging from nudes, pinks, corals, browns, reds, plums...and all of the colors in between.
Salsa (LG 145), Natural (LG 122), Sweet Heart (LG104), Miami Babe (LG 141A), Beige (LG 129) and Golden Pink (LG 131)
If you are in the market for some new makeup that is good quality but don't want to spend a fortune on it, check out NYX Cosmetics at Ulta or  This line has a wide range of colors in all of their products - for those of you who are daring and like bold colors to those of you who like to stick with their classic, neutral colors....a little bit of something for everyone!!  Be daring and try out some new products and colors...after all, if you don't like what your makeup looks like, you can easily wash it off and try something else.

If you haven't heard of Hautelook yet, this is also another one of those websites that features brand name companies who are selling their products for a fraction of the regular retail price.  I love this is free to join and the shipping is usually $4.95 which I find is pretty reasonable considering you are saving money on what you are purchasing.  They feature items for women, men, kids, beauty, home and travel...and much more.  If you have a couple of free minutes, check out this site.  Enjoy...