Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quick Tip - Food Prep

Cooking a healthy meal for your family on any given weekday after a crazy day of work/chauffeuring the kids around from practice to practice/running errands can seem impossible but I have a time saving tip that can help you feed your family a healthy meal and take the stress out of cooking dinner instead of picking up dinner at a fast food drive through. 

Start by making your menu list for the week - what do the kids want to eat, what new recipes do you want to try, etc.?  Now that you have your menu list ready, use this list to make your shopping list.  I recommend doing the bulk of your grocery shopping on the weekend with about 1-2 small "pit stops" to the grocery store during the week to pick up any forgotten items and/or to pick up fresh meat/seafood. 

Once you get home with your groceries, take the time to wash your produce and start doing some prep work right now to save valuable time during the week.  Take a quick peak at your menu list and/or recipes and see how your produce needs to be prepped - chopped, diced, etc.  Store your prepped produce in storage bags or containers and group all the ingredients that go together in that recipe/meal together in the fridge.  Now, when you open your refrigerator, you will see all of the ingredients to your meals grouped together making meal time prep easy and stress-free for you.  This will definitely save you time and allow you to get home and get dinner going as fast as possible. 

I hope that you busy mom's find this tip helpful and take the stress out of cooking your next weeknight meal!