Monday, January 30, 2012

Product Review - Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation with Brush - 1.7 fl oz, $38.00

So I have been eyeing this foundation for quite some time now but the only thing was that it was only available through QVC and every time that I checked their site, my color was on waitlist.  While at Sephora recently, I spoke with one of the MUA regarding this foundation and all of the rave reviews that it got and she gave me some "insider information" - she told me that Sephora and Tarte were in the process of phasing out their current lines of foundations they had at Sephora and they were going to replace it with this Full Coverage Foundation some time in the next few months. Well again I checked the QVC site and again my color was on waitlist and then checked the Sephora site and saw that this much coveted foundation is now available but online only.  So I quickly picked my color and placed my order. 

This foundation is amazeballs!  I know that I already have a HG foundation (Chanel Pro Lumiere) and that I really like the Dior foundation but this one is really awesome.  It is a long wearing foundation and it looks so natural on my skin.  I'm not sure if it's the Amazonian Clay in it or what but my skin stays matte for longer than with other foundations.  I also like that after wearing it for 14+ hours, the foundation still looks as good as it did when I put it on in the morning - no signs of it breaking down on my skin.  The color range available online at Sephora is 3 shades more than what QVC offers for a total of 8 shades and by chance I selected the perfect color for my skin.  There seems to be no indication of oxidizing on my skin, like I used to get with the MAC foundations.  Nor did I notice any streaking during application.  I would have to say that this foundation is better than my Pro Lumiere in that 1) it is longer lasting on my skin and still looks amazing after 12+ hours, 2) it doesn't feel or look heavy like a full coverage foundation should, and 3) it is much more affordable than the Chanel one.  You get 1.7 fl. oz for $38.00 vs. $54.00 for 1 fl. oz.  Not to mention, just like on QVC, for $38.00 you get the foundation and the foundation brush with it (which normally retails for $32.00 on it's own).  This is a great deal!

Speaking of the foundation brush - this brush is great but...not for the application of this foundation.  On me, the brush head is way too big and while the brush is quite dense, the bristles aren't stiff enough to buff the product the way I would like it to.  I find that using either the Real Techniques Buffing Brush or Sigma Sigmax F82 Round Top Synthetic Kabuki Brush works wonderfully blending this foundation in and giving it that "airbrushed" effect that the Tarte Foundation Brush is supposed to do.  But I do use the brush to do the "final" buffing of the foundation and then I use it to apply my MAC MSF Natural to set the foundation and give me a little extra coverage. I do love the bamboo handle on this brush - it looks so eco friendly.

Regarding the coverage factor - I do have to say that I don't find this foundation to be full coverage but rather a medium coverage foundation.  If you need or want extra coverage, then you can either add more foundation and build to a level of coverage that you want or you can buff in a powder/powder foundation on top.  But this foundation looks great on (not cakey) and it doesn't look heavy like a full coverage foundation would look like.  I also like that this foundation has Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in it, although I still add my own sunscreen/moisturizer under it.  Having said all of this, I have to say that I really like this foundation.  I will definitely consider purchasing this foundation again and I would definitely recommend this to other busy mom's who would like their foundation to last all day long through school drop offs/pick ups, errands, playdates, etc.  Another great foundation for busy mom's on the go!

Update (2/8/12) - the more that I play with different application techniques, I am finding that it can be a full coverage foundation when applied the right way.  I have found that when I stipple on the foundation with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush, this foundation does go on FULL coverage and I love it!  I will continue to keep you updated with my thoughts on this one.

Update (2/28/12) - I am also getting full coverage when I use my Sigma Sigmax F82 Roundtop Kabuki Brush.  I am loving this foundation more and more every time I use it. 

**I also saw that for the month of March, if you purchase the foundation from and you enter the code RSCLAY at checkout, you can get this foundation for $30.40 instead of $38.00 (this is a discount code found in my March 2012 Real Simple magazine).