Friday, January 13, 2012

Organization - Bottle/Sippy Cups, etc.

I don't know about the state of your kitchen when you have kids but my kitchen counters looked like a bottle/sippy cup factory exploded in it.  It seemed like every square inch of our counter space was covered with bottles and sippy cup accessories.  A few years ago I read a great article in The Washington Post about other parents of multiples and how they managed their lives through the chaos with kids.  They had some great tips and advice that they shared and I have implemented a few of their tips into my life. 

A great tip to help with organization - use over the door pocket plastic or canvas shoe storage units for storing all sorts of things.  We have a pocket storage unit stowed away inside of the door leading to our basement located in our kitchen so it's out of the way.  It's great - our kitchen counters look so much cleaner and we have all of the bottles and sippy cups stored in it and out of sight.  You can also use these pocket storage units for storing toys, i.e. barbie dolls, matchbox cars, etc.  One can be placed in each of the kids bedroom closets to store away their personal toys.  I love these!!  I hope that this tip helps you busy mom's keep your houses cleaner and teach the kids how to organize their toys.