Friday, January 20, 2012

5 Minute Face - perfect for you busy moms!

I've said this before, as a busy mom, time is our enemy.  We barely have enough time to take a shower in the morning (or at some point in the day) let alone put on a face of makeup but let me tell you that taking an extra 5 minutes in the morning to put on your face will make all the difference in the world in how you make it through the day. There is nothing like looking in the mirror during the day and seeing your tired, blotchy, red face to remind you that you look a hot mess!!  But it doesn't have to be that way - Give me 5 minutes and I'll give you a more awake, fresh and brighter looking face - one that you'll like to see in the mirror over and over again.

The first thing you need to do starts the night before - thoroughly cleanse your face (to get rid of all the daily accumulation) and then moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!  I really like the Olay Regenerist line but use whatever facial moisturizer you prefer.

The next morning, wash your face and again, moisturize but make sure it's a moisturizer that has some SPF in it for some sun protection. Now it's time for foundation  - this is the most important step.  Even if you don't have 5 minutes to put on a full face of makeup, this is the most important step - without a great base on your face, nothing else will look good on it. So this is where you want to take your time.  You can either use a tinted moisturizer, liquid, cream to powder or mineral foundation (use whatever you prefer).  To make the job faster and make your skin look flawless, you can use your fingers to blend in your liquid foundation or use a foundation brush like the Sigma Sigmax F84 Angled Kabuki Brush (my current favorite foundation brush).  For mineral foundations - all you have to do is "swirl, tap and buff".  Again, use a kabuki style brush to make application flawless and easy (MAC, Sigma and Real Techniques have great kabuki brushes at different price points).  Add a good undereye concealer with your ring finger and gently tap it in.  Set with your favorite setting powder and make sure to set your undereye concealer to make sure to "lock" it in it's place so it won't move throughout the day.

Next, apply a light colored cream shadow (like a MAC paint pot in Painterly/Soft Ochre/Rubenesque, MUFE Aqua eyes cream shadow in #13, Benefit Cream Shadow in R.S.V.P, Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo, etc.) on the lid to make your eyes look more awake and fresh. Or if you are a bit more daring and like to have a little color on your lid, apply any colored cream shadow on the lid and blend into the crease with your ring finger or a crease brush. Next take a shimmery eyeshadow color or highlight pencil to highlight under your brows and especially the inner corners of your eyes - this step will definitely open up and brighten your eyes, as well as making you look more awake and fresh.  Then, curl your lashes and apply 2-3 coats of your favorite mascara.  You can add some gloss or lip balm and stop here or...

Next apply blush (like Nars Orgasm, Tarte Exposed or any blush that you have that gives you a flushed color on your cheeks) slightly above the apples of your cheeks but blend it back towards your hairline.  Try not to apply it directly to the apples of the cheeks - you don't want to look like Raggedy Anne!  Lastly, apply your favorite lipstick, lipgloss or colored balm.  And you're done!

That's it!  But if you have few more minutes to spare, grab a mid-tone brown shadow (something like MAC Soft Brown or Wedge) and place it into your eye crease with a fluffy crease brush.  This will blend out the lid color making sure there aren't any harsh shadow lines and more importantly, it will add depth and dimension to your eye.  Line your top and bottom lash lines and your inner rims (tightline) if you are comfortable with that.  Next, groom and fill in your brows if needed.  You can also add some bronzer if you feel that your skin needs a little more warmth to it.   And that is all that it takes.  The more you do this routine, the faster it gets. 

I truly believe that if you look good (or at least presentable) on the outside, you'll feel just as good (if not better) on the inside.  A little goes a long way.  So take a few minutes out of each day for yourself - a happy woman is a happy mom (and wife).  Take some time for yourself - you deserve it.